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City Coco Rent Poreč
Experience a thrilling and effortless adventure as you explore Poreč
City Coco Rent Poreč electric scooters leasing
Effortless Poreč City Tours
Create Your Adventure and Discover Poreč
City Coco Rent Poreč e-scooters lease
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City Coco Rent Poreč e-scooters leasing
Premium E-Scooters in Poreč
Experience Top Performance and Maximum Stability on All Terrains

City Coco Rent Poreč: Accessible, Affordable, and Fast Electric Scooter Rentals.

City Coco Rent Poreč - leasing electric scooters

Discover Poreč’s hidden gems, historical landmarks, fun spots, and beautiful beaches with City Coco Rent Poreč’s convenient electric scooters. Ride all day without worrying about parking or traffic and enjoy the freedom to explore without a driving license.

Experience the city like a local by zipping around on our environmentally friendly and cost-effective electric scooters. Travel up to 35 km on a single charge and take advantage of our extra removable battery for extended adventures.

Relax on the beach, savor traditional cuisine, and make new friends while making the most of your vacation in Poreč. Create your itinerary and uncover the city's best-kept secrets without the limitations of typical tour routes.

Choose City Coco Rent Poreč and craft your perfect city exploration experience today!


Be the creator of your ideal tour of the city and its surroundings!

Eco-friendly transportation
No driver's license required
Avoid traffic jams and parking hassles
Navigate easily with provided maps and directions s
Explore the city faster than on foot
• Travel up to 50 km with an optional removable battery
What to Expect
• Electric scooters with changeable/rechargeable batteries
Helmets and city maps
• Step-by-step instructions
Padlocks and backpacks
Bottled water and energy drinks
Helpful tips and more

At City Coco Rent Poreč, we provide all the necessary equipment for a carefree and enjoyable ride and expert advice to make your experience unforgettable.

Choose the best e-scooters on the market for your Poreč adventure!

Our City Coco Scooters boast a powerful motor and impressive acceleration. With a load capacity of 150 kg and a driving range of 25-35 km (over 50 km with an additional battery), you can explore Poreč with ease. Our e-scooters are equipped with top-notch shock absorbers and puncture-resistant, slip-resistant tires. The foldable design allows you to easily stow it in your car trunk for trips to the surrounding area. Plus, with IP54 water resistance certification, you can ride safely in the rain without worrying about the weather.

Experience the ultimate in e-scooter rentals with City Coco Rent Poreč!

Scooter reservations and opening hours

City Coco Rent Poreč is open every day from 9 am to 7 pm, from early spring to early autumn.

City Rider

Hourly rental (1 hour)

City Explorer

Daily rent (24 hours)

City Conqueror

Half week rent (3 days)

City Local

Weekly rental (7 days)

E-scooter rental prices

1/2 hour

8,00 €
60,27 kn

1 hour

15,00 €
113,01 kn

2 hours

27,00 €
203,43 kn

4 hours

40,00 €
301,38 kn

24 hours

48,00 €
361,65 kn

72 hours

40,00 €/day
301,38 kn/day

168 hours

32 €/day
241,10 kn/day

Included in Your E-Scooter Rental Price at City Coco Rent Poreč

TEA 0,25 L or WATER 0,50 L

Enjoy a seamless and all-inclusive e-scooter rental experience with City Coco Rent Poreč!

Contact information and our location

City Coco Rent Poreč, Mate Vlašića 17, 52440 Poreč, Croatia

Choose your favorite app and hire a electric scooter!

Find the route to our office at google maps and rent an electric scooter for an unforgettable adventure.

Explore Famous Poreč Locations and Surroundings

Stroll through the Roman Forum, marvel at the Byzantine architecture, enjoy the works of local street artists, and savor Istrian delicacies in nearby shops and tastings.

Discover iconic spots such as:

  • Old Town Poreč - the historic heart of the city a
  • Marafor Square – former Roman forum and archaeological site
  • Decumanus Street - main city street with numerous shops
  • Round Tower - historic defensive tower with a panoramic view
  • Euphrasian Basilica - church architecture and UNESCO heritage
  • Romanesque House - picturesque example of Poreč architecture
  • Zuccato Palace - magnificent Renaissance palace
  • Sinčić Palace - historical building with frescoes
  • House of Two Saints - significant cultural attraction
  • Roman ruins - witness to Poreč's rich history
  • Istrian Parliament - landmark building, the former seat of regional government
  • Canonic House - medieval-style church residence

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